SociSynd Review | A Real Life Case Study

By George Wilson

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SociSynd is an innovative new technology for Content Syndication.  This software will distribute your content to social media sites on a scale never seen before!

SociSynd = Social Media Syndication

SociSynd has been 6+ months in the making with over 300 Beta testers. The system has created over 1.5 million social links and only grows stronger each day. With a Brand new Crowd Marketing concept where we empower the individual on a massive scale allowing them to market to a global network using team dynamics.


It's like having access to your own Private network of Social Media Sites

Users never need to worry about working with proxies or managing more then 1 account type, SociSynd is fully automated and Newbie friendly.

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Here is a Quick Overview of Some of the Features

  • Creates top authority social backlinks to your site from 1000s of different accounts.
  • Delivers Social indicators ( Facebook likes & shares, Twitter re-tweets, Pinterest repins & Likes,tumblr reblogs,Linkedin Shares, folkd votes).
  • Improves site visitors together and strengthens website visibility.
  • Generates friends and followers on Social sites.
  • Exclusive features that Boost web-site visits and lower bounce rate.
  • Generates even more backlinks to your site to help get the social links spidered.
  • Greatly improves the duration of a visit (A favorable SEO factor).
    Totally automated (Saving you a ton of time).
  • Search Engine (Penguin and Panda) friendly.
  • Increase search engine results.
  • Together with So Much More!

SociSynd works together with The best spinner software as well as Spinrewriter to ensure that owners can quickly acquire spinned syntax by means of the dashboard. SociSynd furthermore brings together DeathByCaptcha along with Decaptcher for automatic captcha solving. The actual Social Engine is really a light-weight desktop utility which can run while minimized.

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Creator:    Abbas Ravji
Launch Date:    2013-07-17
Front-End Price:    $17-$197

Previous Products by Abbas Ravji:

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This software will create accounts on 100's of Social Media Sites, then in-turn will create links from those sites to well known Social Media Hubs.

PR Traffic Booster
A multi-threaded Desktop application that not only drives targeted traffic but also gets do follow high page rank links.

Viral Image Wizard
This is a full size post editor that will allow you to create Memes and to post them to top social sites.

Before I conclude with SociSynd Review, let me explain where Search Engine Optimizations stands at the moment.

Post the Panda and Penguin updates from Google, many webmasters have started to think that the age of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is now dead and they have to rely purely on content to achieve success for their websites. However the fact still remains that SEO is now more important than ever before. A opposed to the situation a few years back when SEO was type casted to a set of specific rule sets (that when included in an article is guaranteed to improved its page rank) experts are now faced with the challenge of “doing it the smarter way”.

Gone are the days of viral link building when a webmaster could use viral tools to spam their links all over the internet and still get good results. The focus on “Quality over Quantity” is now more than ever before! Not only does link building need to appear “natural”, but it also needs to be contextual to where this link appears.

Following the penguin updates, here are the key changes that the webmasters have been impacted by:

  1. Sites are now heavily penalized for unnatural link building. In some extreme cases may webmasters have also been de-indexed by Google. Link building should now look as natural as possible.
  2. Strengthened importance on Domain Authority. Previously Google used to rank each page separately. It meant that one quality page in a website full of curated content could still generate enough traffic to monetize the website. Now not only are the individual pages ranked, but the authority of the website plays a crucial role in how the pages are ranked. While this is usually good, conversely a single spam or malicious page can impact the domain authority of your whole website. Hence webmasters have to be careful on what they put on their site.
  3. More stress on Social Media: An average young adult spends more than 40% of his time online on social media. There are major things happening (in terms of discussions, comments, likes, posts, shares, etc) in some of the largest social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Yahoo groups, Ping, Yelp, MySpace, etc. This accounts for massive amounts of content over a wide range of subjects. Google and other Search Engines have clearly shown more intent on tapping this potential. In the coming years, the way search engines judge and rank the credibility of the websites will become more and more reliant on social media.

Here is where SociSynd comes handy for webmasters. Before I deep dive on some key aspects of this product in my SociSynd Review, let me tell you more about the developer of this product. The creator of this brand new product Abbas Ravji is quite well known in the cyber world. With some other proven products like Social Hub Builder, PR Traffic Booster and Viral Image Wizard, Abbas has already established himself as a brand and has a strong set of followers.

Scheduled to launch on the 17th of July, 2013 and priced moderately from $17 for beginners to $197 for his premium customers, this product is already making news in the market. The reason being that if fits nicely in context to the “New Age SEO” that focuses on natural link building, establishing brand building of authority and, most importantly, leveraging social media to achieve it.

SociSynd that stands for Social Media Syndication which intends to distribute content to social media sites in a scale that has never been possible before. It uses the innovative idea of crowd marketing where other subscribers assist each other for collective benefits.

Any SociSynd review is incomplete without articulating its key benefits. SociSynd aims to increase your social media traffic, social media signals and provide you with more social media back links. It will increase you likes and shared dramatically on social media sites which will exponentially increase your traffic.  It has been a long wait for six months to build this product and I can’t wait to  get my hands on it! Based on my experience with Abbas in the past, this will be another sure winner.

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